Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order out of town?

If you are outside the city.

1 - taking out the product you want to run graphics, order quantity, and other information send us an e-mail.
2 - Product order form Order receives 50% of the total cost of invest bank accounts.
3 - Order generated by the products remaining after the cancellation of account behalf shipping charge is made. Shipping costs will be paid by our customers.

What are the factors which affect the price?

1 - The intensity of the colors that make up the product. Increase in product price increases, the number of colors will appear.

2 - Order quantity. Decline in product price will multiply the amount of orders.

3 - Size and Weight scales.If you want to order the product price changes boyutlatrı and weight measurements will be played.

How many days do I get my order?

1 - 1.000 pcs and below normal yoğunluğumuzda orders will be delivered to 7days.

2 - we see an intense deadlines may receive up to 15 days.

3 - 25 days can find custom color yarn dyeing case Termin.

4 - Stock yarn within 7 days when there is little intensity for orders of 5,000 units produced.